Verona Walls band
(From left to right) Art Pereira, LeRoy Veldsman, Marco De Sousa. Jean-Eric Durelle and Andrew O'Leary

"There is no world without Verona walls / But Purgatory, torture, hell itself.” - Bill Shakespeare.

Verona Walls formed in early 2008 with the original lineup of Marne Gelderbloem, Evan Reid, Marco De Sousa, Andrew O’Leary & Dinell Behari.

They’ve played various gigs around Cape Town and a venture or two up the garden route, also getting some opening slots with touring bands Haste the Day, and Horse the Band.

With members departing for various reasons, they have welcomed LeRoy Veldsman on Guitar, Jean-Eric Durelle on Bass and Art Perreira on Drums over the last couple of years.

Now one of the longest lasting bands in Cape Town, they continue to do what they love doing. Playing shows, mostly a little bit under the radar.

In July 2015, the second album “Where Serpents Conquer” was launched via Burning Tone Records and has already struck a chord with fans, critics and peers alike.

Since its inception the band has gone from strength to strength and has shown consistency, passion and professionalism.

  • ACTIVE SINCE2008 - Present
  • GENREProgressive Rock
  • ORIGINCape Town, South Africa


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  • DRUMSArt Pereira
  • GUITARLeRoy Veldsman
  • VOCALSMarco De Sousa
  • BASSJean-Eric Durelle
  • GUITARAndrew O'Leary

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