(From left to right) Wian Bester, Evan Fourie, Jason Modryc, Joshua Barkley and Ross Wilsenach.

Forged in 2010 the band has been known to have a solid and rapidly aggressive stance in the South African metal community.

The band and its numinous music has gone through a slew of member changes within its lifespan. Founded by lead guitarist Wian Bester and vocalist Jason Modryc, Imperial Destruction later gave comfort to bassist Joshua Barkley, rhythm guitarist Ross Wilsenach and drummer Evan Fourie.

With an ambition for pushing the boundaries of traditional music composition, Imperial Destruction’s music has a tasteful and unique approach to its listeners. With a wide range of influences, the music screams diversity. Lyrically, Imperial Destruction explores mythology, religion extremity, horror and the flaws in humanity.

  • ACTIVE SINCE2010 - Present
  • GENREMelodic Death Metal
  • ORIGINCape Town, South Africa


  • GUITARWian Bester
  • DRUMSEvan Fourie
  • VOCALSJason Modryc
  • BASSJoshua Barkley
  • GUITARRoss Wilsenach

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